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036 – Just Keep Casting with Jeffrey James

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For our Christmas episode, we could not think of any better guest than Jeffrey James from Wisconsin. Pastor. Director of a boys and girls club. And youth mentor. Jeff embodies everything that this season is about. But what makes his work even more special is how he incorporates his passion for fishing. He uses his skills as a shore fisherman to connect with kids and give them the memory of a lifetime. And as a master of muskie shore fishing, he has logged some pretty spectacular days from the water’s edge. In this episode, Jeff shares his most epic day of muskie shore fishing ever. Plus, one of his most cherished days fishing with a spectacular young female angler. This one is more heart warming than a Christmas fireplace …

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019 – On Thin Ice with Captain Lonney Goman

fishing podcast, fisherman, angler, inshore, offshore, saltwater, freshwater, ocean, lake, pond, stream, river, lagoon, flyfishing, Green Bay, ice fishing, walleye, northern pike

Capt. Lonney Goman of Green Bay Trophy Fishing knows the Great Lakes water inside out and, and even frozen. Not only does he run open water fishing trips during the summer, he hauls a small city’s worth of gear out onto the ice during the winter time for some epic walleye, pike, and whitefish action. But sometimes it’s not the fishing that’s the wildest part of the adventure, it’s the trip home …

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