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048 – Raining Bait with Joe Rosier

live bait snook fishing, Tampa Bay fishing, inshore fishing, saltwater fishing, snook, redfish, seatrout, tarpon, flats fishing, fishing podcast

Joe Rosier is an attorney during the week, and a bait slinger every weekend he gets a chance. You see, Joe gets to fish in the Tampa Bay estuary, where bait abounds. And so do discriminating snook and redfish who love their sardines. Like many who fish those waters, live bait chumming is Joe’s favorite way to catch these fish. But Joe is taking live bait snook fishing to a whole new level. The snook he caught on the day he shares on this episode was on another level too.

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041 – Redfish on Queue with Mark Dunnam

wife fishing, tampa bay, redfish, snook, tarpon, trout, Florida fishing, saltwater fishing, inshore fishing, flats fishing

Mark Dunnam is a police officer in the Tampa, Florida area. When he is not protecting and serving, he is casting and catching in the awesome Tampa Bay fishery. While snook, redfish, and trout are the quarry, it’s the company Mark keeps that is equally as important to him. As it turns out, Mark is one lucky guy. His wife loves fishing as much as he does, and they love to share that passion together. In this episode, Mark recounts the day when he first took his wife fishing, and got her fire for fishing burning red hot. Happy wife, happy life, and redfish beware!

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023 – The Winning Redfish with Colby Elsass

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Colby Elsass is a Crystal River, Florida native. And a third generation native at that. The Elsass family is a staple of the Crystal River fishing community. His grandfather founded the landmark Knox Baithouse, and played fishing guide to legendary baseball player Babe Ruth. Now Colby runs the family electrical contractor business. But when he’s not directing work crews, he is hanging with the fishing crew. He and his mates generally get out to enjoy the spectacular Crystal River fishery several times a week. This episode is about the annual CCBA Family Fishing Tournament, where Colby and crew make a strong showing every year. It involves a big tournament winning redfish, along with a big twist …

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009 – Backcountry Bonanza with Mitch Todd

Mitch Todd is the Lead Pastor at River Run Church in Chuluota, Florida (East Orlando). However, when he is not leading the flock, Mitch loves to follow the fish. Growing up in Kentucky, Mitch is no stranger to freshwater fishing. But after moving to Florida to start River Run Church, Mitch discovered there is a whole lot more water to cover and new critters to catch. He chalked up a big number of these critters on this epic backcountry fishing day …

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