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064 – Drop Everything with Taylor Martin

fishing podcast, Florida fishing, Hawaii bonefish, nightime snook dock fishing, saltwater fishing, snook fishing, Texas sea trout

Taylor Martin is a boatswain’s mate in the U.S. Navy. Growing up fishing in Florida, it’s no wonder that he loves to be on the water. Taylor was no stranger to redfish, trout, and bonefish from his early Florida days. However, it was on his first assignment in Hawaii where he really got to tangle with some serious bones. Then, when stationed San Antonio, he was treated to some spectacular big seatrout fishing on the Texas coast. But for his most epic story, we return to the seaside docks of Florida. And more particularly, the snook that prowl beneath them at night. This nightime snook dock fishing recon trip turned out to be better than he or his friends could have imagined.

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054 – Into the Aquarium with Joseph Davies

tarpon fly fishing, saltwater fishing, flats fishing, saltwater fly fishing, fly fishing, Utah fishing, Montana fishing, New Zealand fishing, Wisconsin fishing, trout fishing

Joseph Davies is a man of many places. Grew up in Wisconsin, lived in New Zealand, and most recently Utah. But he has wandered to many other fishing holes with his trusty fly rod. Most recently, the fishing hole was in Costa Rica. While a seasoned vet with a 5 wt., a 12 wt. was an entirely new species to Joseph. But he embraced the “telephone pole” and totally immersed himself in the fishery. The result? One of the most epic tarpon fly fishing battles you could imagine …

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053 – Red Moon Rising with Colin McCain

Mississippi redfish, kayak fishing, redfish, inshore fishing, Mississippi fishing, Gulf Coast fishing, saltwater fishing, seatrout, IFA kayak, bull redfish

Colin McCain is our first guest from the great state of Mississippi. While “the state kids love to spell” has some great offshore fishing, it’s the inshore critters that keep Colin occupied. Colin chases redfish and spotted sea trout from his favorite fishing platform, his kayak. A seasoned kayak angler, Colin has dipped the plastic yacht all along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Louisiana. But this tale comes to us from his home waters. It was a great day that had an even greater finish, a moonlight Mississippi redfish surprise!

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052 – Redfish Ranger with Quinn Hollingsworth

Savannah redfish, Georgia saltwater fishing, redfish, Georgia inshore fishing, shore fishing, saltwater fishing, inshore fishing, shore fishing

Quinn Hollingsworth comes to us from the great state of Georgia. But he comes there by way of Central Florida. Quinn grew up fishing in my neck of the woods for seatrout and redfish in the Mosquito Lagoon. What brings him to Georgia, you ask? Well, Quinn happens to be an Army Ranger out of the 1st Ranger Battalion in Savannah. He certainly has a lot of specialty training for that job. Yet, it’s the training from his Florida days that prepared him for his favorite mission – redfishing. Nothing like a little Savannah redfish action when off duty. Especially when he gets to take his favorite fishing buddy along, his son. The epic trip they shared this day is one neither will soon forget.

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048 – Raining Bait with Joe Rosier

live bait snook fishing, Tampa Bay fishing, inshore fishing, saltwater fishing, snook, redfish, seatrout, tarpon, flats fishing, fishing podcast

Joe Rosier is an attorney during the week, and a bait slinger every weekend he gets a chance. You see, Joe gets to fish in the Tampa Bay estuary, where bait abounds. And so do discriminating snook and redfish who love their sardines. Like many who fish those waters, live bait chumming is Joe’s favorite way to catch these fish. But Joe is taking live bait snook fishing to a whole new level. The snook he caught on the day he shares on this episode was on another level too.

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