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047 – Wahoo Pirates with Pat Patterson

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Pat Patterson is a tattoo artist in South Florida. But on his days off he loves to (you guessed it) fish. And boy does he have some great places to fish. These include the Lake Ida system for peacock bass and clown knife fish, and the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge for largemouth bass. But let’s not forget that there is always saltwater nearby in South Florida. In fact, down there the deep blue water comes very close to shore. So much so that some days you can forgo the 40′ sportfisher for the 13′ Boston Whaler. Pat did that. We’re talking small boat offshore trolling here. Let’s just say there was no place on that boat big enough to hold what was caught on the day he shares in this episode. And then of course there was a REALLY big finish …

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040 – Hurricane Fishing with Dustin Murray

hurricane fishing, jack cravelle, st. augustine fishing, florida fishing, ocean fishing, nearshore fishing, inshore fishing, saltwater fishing

Dustin Murray is a National Guard recruiter who hails from the oldest city in the U.S., St. Augustine. With a rich history, numerous attractions, and beautiful beaches, it is a popular destination for many folks. However, to the avid angler it’s the fishing that’s the big draw. Dustin is all about that, and enjoys both inshore and nearshore saltwater fishing in the St. Augustine waters. Yet, when the fishing is that good in a place, it’s rare that you find the boat ramp empty. A little Category 5 hurricane can change all that. Time for some hurricane fishing!

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037 – The Big Tuna with Justin Lerner

bluefin tuna fishing, fishing, podcast, fisherman, angler, offshore fishing, charter fishing, Prince Edward Island, Canada fishing, ocean fishing

When it comes to fishing, Justin Lerner gets around. Having grown up in New Jersey, he headed south to the University of Miami where he got to catch and study swordfish. Plus he worked with the Fish and Wildlife Commission where he got further acquainted with all the Florida fish species. Toss in a year “down under” in Australia, and the list of species Justin has boated gets real impressive. In this episode, we talk about all that, which is pretty epic by itself. But that’s not the main event here. No, for this New Year’s episode, we are going big. Bluefin tuna fishing big.

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