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066 – Learning to Fly with James Frakes

Smallmouth fly fishing, Penobscot River, Maine Fishing, Southern California fishing, bass fishing, Montana fishing, fly fishing, smallmouth fishing, largemouth fishing, fishing podcast

Guest Profile
James Frakes comes to us from Montana. By way of Southern California. By way of Maine. That is, Maine is where James started fishing, and he is a registered Maine guide. For three years he worked in a fly shop and guided in that beautiful state. When the inkling to go back to school hit, an article about a University of Montana program turned his gaze back to the west. Wonder if the incredible fly fishing had anything to do with his decision to go there? He is enjoying learning how to fly fish those new waters when taking a break from his studies. But his most epic day of fishing takes us back to Maine for a spectacular topwater smackdown on the Penobscot River.

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054 – Into the Aquarium with Joseph Davies

tarpon fly fishing, saltwater fishing, flats fishing, saltwater fly fishing, fly fishing, Utah fishing, Montana fishing, New Zealand fishing, Wisconsin fishing, trout fishing

Joseph Davies is a man of many places. Grew up in Wisconsin, lived in New Zealand, and most recently Utah. But he has wandered to many other fishing holes with his trusty fly rod. Most recently, the fishing hole was in Costa Rica. While a seasoned vet with a 5 wt., a 12 wt. was an entirely new species to Joseph. But he embraced the “telephone pole” and totally immersed himself in the fishery. The result? One of the most epic tarpon fly fishing battles you could imagine …

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