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067 – Not Second Place with Matt Luna

bass tournament fishing, fishing podcast, freshwater fishing, National Bass West, San Diego bass fishing, Wild West Bass Trail angler, Wild West Bass Trail

Matt Luna joins us from sunny San Diego, California. Growing up a baseball guy, fishing wasn’t his primary focus. Yet, Matt still loved getting out with his Dad for some fishing in their local SoCal waters whenever they could. After college and competitive baseball ended, Matt got the itch for a different type of competition. Bass tournament fishing. Now Matt is working his way up the ladder as a Wild West Bass Trail angler and trying to live the dream doing this fishing thing full time. But this episode takes us back to a National Bass West tournament he got to fish with his father. Everything came together for a day they will never forget …

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062 – Journey to Middle Earth with Dave Stewart

British Columbia fly fishing, fishing podcast, fly fishing, freshwater fishing, rainbow trout fly fishing, Skeena River fly fishing, steelhead fly fishing

Another first for the show – interviewing the host of another fishing podcast. Dave Stewart joins us from the Wet Fly Swing fly fishing podcast. Before he picked up the mic, Dave was a life long fly fisherman. His father was a fly fishing guide, so you might say it was ingrained in his DNA. Dave was guiding himself by the age of 12. Now Dave is a guide of a different sort, teaching from behind the mic about fly fishing through his interviews with many greats in the fly fishing world. On this episode, we turn the tables on Dave and ask him some of the same questions he uses on his guests. Plus, Dave shares his most epic trip ever – a Skeena River fly fishing adventure in some untapped and untamed waters.

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058 – Under the Door with Garrett Gincley

kayak bass fishing trail series, kayak fishing, bass fishing, Pennsylvania fishing, West Virginia fishing, freshwater fishing, fishing podcast

Garrett Gincley comes to us by way of Pennsylvania. A seasoned bass angler on the boat and kayak, it is the kayak that Garrett gravitates to on most outings. So much so that Garrett has taken to the kayak bass fishing trail series. In this episode, Garrett shares his epic day in a KBF event in West Virginia. He not only landed a nice bag and a top 5 finish, but also a trip to the KBF championship. But it was where he found one of those fish that made this trip so unique.

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050 – In the Hotseat with Rachel Uribe

female pro angler, flw costa, bass fishing, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, freshwater fishing, lady angler, midwest fishing, pro bass fishing

FLW Costa Series co-angler Rachel Uribe joins us for our 50th episode. Growing up taking family trout fishing trips, Rachel not only developed a love for fishing. She and her brother Joe (also an FLW Costa series pro) learned the sport together. Now the duo travels and practices for tournaments together. You might say fishing is in their family’s DNA. That family support has propelled this female pro angler to some impressive FLW tournament finishes. She tells us all about her most epic tournament finish in this episode.

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049 – Time to Go with Joe Horvath

sturgeon river fishing, washington state fishing, fishing podcast, columbia river fishing, nevada bass fishing, freshwater fishing, puget sound fishing, dungeness crab fishing

Joe Horvath currently hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. But that was not always the case. Joe is a Seattle guy, and grew up fishing the Puget Sound for salmon and dungeness crabs. After work took him to a totally new climate, he had to learn a totally new way to fish. Now he is dialed in on the smallmouth, largemouth, and striped bass bite. Yet, the main event takes us back to the Northwest for something completely different. A fish we have only briefly touched on once on this show. But that all changes in this episode. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to talk sturgeon river fishing!

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