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065 – The One That Got Away with Don Eady

Kissimmee chain, amateur tournament fishing, Orlando bass fishing, Lake Toho, bassmaster open, largemouth bass, bass fishing, Florida fishing, fishing podcast

Don Eady is a native Floridian (an endangered species!), though he has not spent all of his time there. Don’s Army career took him away from his home town of Orlando to places far and wide. But it did not take him away from fishing. Whether it was trout fishing in Germany or bass fishing on the Potomac, Don has never been long without a rod in hand. Still active on the amateur tournament fishing circuit, Don has fished many of the most famous lakes in the South. And he continues to tear it up in the famous Kissimmee chain, where his most epic day of fishing took place. Can you image losing a double-digit bass a finger tip’s distance from your hand, and still having the biggest bag and biggest bass at the scale? Yeah, this was definitely one of those days …

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064 – Drop Everything with Taylor Martin

fishing podcast, Florida fishing, Hawaii bonefish, nightime snook dock fishing, saltwater fishing, snook fishing, Texas sea trout

Taylor Martin is a boatswain’s mate in the U.S. Navy. Growing up fishing in Florida, it’s no wonder that he loves to be on the water. Taylor was no stranger to redfish, trout, and bonefish from his early Florida days. However, it was on his first assignment in Hawaii where he really got to tangle with some serious bones. Then, when stationed San Antonio, he was treated to some spectacular big seatrout fishing on the Texas coast. But for his most epic story, we return to the seaside docks of Florida. And more particularly, the snook that prowl beneath them at night. This nightime snook dock fishing recon trip turned out to be better than he or his friends could have imagined.

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044 – Green Girls with Ant Peak

Lake Dora fishing, largemouth bass, bass fishing, lake fishing, Mt. Dora, Florida fishing, freshwater fishing, fishing podcast

Ant Peak is an avid bass angler, soldier, and he grew up in the same home town as host John Woodson. It’s hard to believe things could get much more awesome than that. But they do! You see, Ant got to meet one of his heroes—Ronnie Green, host of A Fishing Story TV show. Then Ronnie and Ant went out for some Lake Dora fishing action on Ant’s home lake. By itself that would make for a really epic day. But when the schooling bass and the bedding bass all decide to cooperate? Well now that’s when the epic dial goes to 11!

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041 – Redfish on Queue with Mark Dunnam

wife fishing, tampa bay, redfish, snook, tarpon, trout, Florida fishing, saltwater fishing, inshore fishing, flats fishing

Mark Dunnam is a police officer in the Tampa, Florida area. When he is not protecting and serving, he is casting and catching in the awesome Tampa Bay fishery. While snook, redfish, and trout are the quarry, it’s the company Mark keeps that is equally as important to him. As it turns out, Mark is one lucky guy. His wife loves fishing as much as he does, and they love to share that passion together. In this episode, Mark recounts the day when he first took his wife fishing, and got her fire for fishing burning red hot. Happy wife, happy life, and redfish beware!

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040 – Hurricane Fishing with Dustin Murray

hurricane fishing, jack cravelle, st. augustine fishing, florida fishing, ocean fishing, nearshore fishing, inshore fishing, saltwater fishing

Dustin Murray is a National Guard recruiter who hails from the oldest city in the U.S., St. Augustine. With a rich history, numerous attractions, and beautiful beaches, it is a popular destination for many folks. However, to the avid angler it’s the fishing that’s the big draw. Dustin is all about that, and enjoys both inshore and nearshore saltwater fishing in the St. Augustine waters. Yet, when the fishing is that good in a place, it’s rare that you find the boat ramp empty. A little Category 5 hurricane can change all that. Time for some hurricane fishing!

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