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The BEST fishing day of someone's life—to inspire YOURS.™

063 – Time Out with John Woodson

Tell Tale Fisherman® podcast host John Woodson took a break from working and interviewing this week to do one thing – FISH! In this episode, we recap the trip, species landed, and ask your opinion on some potential features we are thinking about for future episodes. Enjoy this short episode recapping my favorite week of the year – beach fishing for snook and tarpon!

062 – Journey to Middle Earth with Dave Stewart

British Columbia fly fishing, fishing podcast, fly fishing, freshwater fishing, rainbow trout fly fishing, Skeena River fly fishing, steelhead fly fishing

Another first for the show – interviewing the host of another fishing podcast. Dave Stewart joins us from the Wet Fly Swing fly fishing podcast. Before he picked up the mic, Dave was a life long fly fisherman. His father was a fly fishing guide, so you might say it was ingrained in his DNA. Dave was guiding himself by the age of 12. Now Dave is a guide of a different sort, teaching from behind the mic about fly fishing through his interviews with many greats in the fly fishing world. On this episode, we turn the tables on Dave and ask him some of the same questions he uses on his guests. Plus, Dave shares his most epic trip ever – a Skeena River fly fishing adventure in some untapped and untamed waters.

061 – How It’s Done with Kyle Jenkins

Bassmaster open co-angler, tournament fishing, bass fishing, bassmaster opens, elite angler, fishing podcast, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass

Kyle Jenkins serves in the Coast Guard and is no stranger to the water. His love for fishing began at an early age. While being in the Coast Guard took him away from fishing for a time, he came back to it with a vengance. So much so that he spent two years fishing the Bassmaster Open tournament circuit. Not only did he get to meet his idol Gerald Swindle, he got to fish with an learn from other Bassmaster Pros like Matt Lee and Tommy Martin. In this episode, we talk about the incredible experiences he had fishing as a Bassmaster Open co-angler. Plus, he shares an epic day where he put all he has learned together for a serious smackdown on smallies!

060 – Bull on the Fly with Sam Sirgo

bull red fly fishing, redfish, Texas fishing, Lousiana redfish, fly fishing, fishing podcast, Belize fishing

Sam Sirgo is a petroleum engineer from Texas. When he is not dealing with black gold, he is chasing red gold – redfish, that is. Not to mention all the freshwater fish Texas has to offer. Sam also loves to travel with his trusty fly rod and try new places to fish. He has been to spots all over South America and the Caribbean, including Costa Rica, Belize, and the Cayman Islands, to name a few. But the epic story he shares in this episode comes a little closer to home. Sam made the drive to New Orleans looking for that red gold. After after some early struggles, he served up the perfect cast on a bull redfish’s dinner plate. Time for some bull red fly fishing action.

059 – Fish and Dive with Justin Tantog

Hawaii fishing, Hawaii spearfishing, Oahu spearfishing, Oahu fishing, giant trevally, milkfish, fishing podcast

At long last, Justin Tantog checks off two big boxes for us on the show. He’s from Hawaii (Oahu, to be precise), and he is sharing an epic spearfishing story! As a local, Justin has an incredible insight into the kinds of fishing they do on the island, not to mention all the awesome fish they catch. Plus, he is better than Rosetta Stone when it comes to translating mainland fish names to their Hawaiian equivalents. I may still have a little work to do getting the names down, but I know the fish Justin catches when “dunking” and spearfishing are pretty epic. Just like the Oahu spearfishing story he shares in this episode …