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The BEST fishing day of someone's life—to inspire YOURS.™

056 – Scripted to Perfection with Kevin VanDam (Part 2)

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You could not script it any better …

Guest Profile

So what would you ask Kevin VanDam if you got the chance? Well, if you host a fishing podcast about people’s most epic day of fishing ever, that question is a no-brainer. Are you ready for the most epic day of tournament fishing ever from the greatest bass tournament fishing angler of all time? We’ve got it on part two of our one-year anniversary edition of the Tell Tale Fisherman® Podcast.

Click HERE to listen to part 1 of our interview with Kevin.

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Fishing With:

Bassmaster Elite Series

Fishing experience

Kevin’s professional fishing career spans almost 30 years. He has won an unprecedented 25 Bassmaster tournaments, including four Bassmaster Classic championships. Plus, he won Angler of the Year seven times on the Bassmaster tour. Yet, Kevin says that he is still learning every time he gets on the water. And he is an incredible teacher of what he has learned. In this episode, Kevin talks about what separates the most successful tournament anglers from the rest. He also shares some sage advice for up-and-coming anglers on what it takes to get to the next level as a bass tournament fishing angler.

basselite, eliteseries2018, kvd, powerfishing, bassmaster, bass fishing, champion bass fisherman

KVD after his win at Grand Lake (upper left), and winning his fourth Bassmaster Classic in 2011. Plus a few pictures from Kevin’s Alaskan and South American fishing adventures (right).


This episode takes place at the Bassmaster Classic Tournament in 2011 in New Orleans.

Catch of the Day

Largemouth bass

Bass tournament fishing angler

In this episode, we talk about Kevin’s win at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic and what made it so epic.


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The Tell Tale Fisherman® podcast is the place for all avid anglers (including KVD!) to share their fishing story of a lifetime and become fishing legends. Fresh water or salt water, middle of the ocean or middle of a stream, on this fishing podcast we are on a quest to catch the most EPIC fishing adventures from around the world—to inspire yours!

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