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037 – The Big Tuna with Justin Lerner

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Bluefin tuna fishing to the extreme …

Guest Profile

When it comes to fishing, Justin Lerner gets around. Having grown up in New Jersey, he headed south to the University of Miami where he got to catch and study swordfish. Plus he worked with the Fish and Wildlife Commission where he got further acquainted with all the Florida fish species. Toss in a year “down under” in Australia, and the list of species Justin has boated gets real impressive. In this episode, we talk about all that, which is pretty epic by itself. But that’s not the main event here. No, for this New Year’s episode, we are going big. Bluefin tuna fishing big.

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Fishing With

Bruce Brothers Fishing Charters:

Fishing experience

Justin has some impressive catches of nearshore and offshore saltwater species all over the world. The fun doesn’t end there, however. Whether it’s trout in a stream or giant gar in the tropics, Justin knows freshwater fish too. If you want an example of a “multi-species” angler is, look no further. In this episode, Justin takes us Bluefin tuna fishing, and it’s a wild ride.

bulefin tuna fishing, fishing, podcast, fisherman, angler, offshore fishing, charter fishing, Prince Edward Island, Canada fishing, ocean fishing

Left – Justin Lerner goes for a swim with one of the massive bluefin tuna from this episode. Center – Justin in all out war with a “grander” while bluefin tuna fishing with stand up gear. Right – more of Justin’s epic salt and fresh water catches.


This episode takes place near Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Catch of the Day

Bluefin tuna fishing

This episode is about hand to fish combat with “granders” – bluefin tuna fishing.


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