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The BEST fishing day of someone's life—to inspire YOURS.™

000: Introduction with host John Woodson

Fishing podcast host John Woodson

A fishing podcast is born:

Tell Tale Fisherman™ Podcast host John Woodson talks about his background, the format for this fishing podcast, and the plan going forward.

John grew up in Mt. Dora, Florida in Lake County. As the name suggests, this is not a bad place for a bass fisherman to grow up.

By day, John is a patent attorney with the law firm of Allen, Dyer, Doppelt & Gilchrist, P.A. in Orlando, Florida. Click here to see John’s bio. However, he loves to hit the water every chance he gets, and also loves to talk fishing with fellow anglers.

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It’s all in the details…

John noticed a couple of things about fishermen. One is that avid anglers remember the smallest details of an epic fishing adventure, even years after the fact. The other thing is that if you ask an avid angler about fishing, you get an earful! So, John decided to start a fishing podcast, and start asking. BUT, not just about any fishing adventure. Rather, John asks his guests the ULTIMATE fishing question:

“What was your best day of fishing EVER?”

All anglers welcome

The Tell Tale Fisherman™ podcast is the place for all avid anglers (not just guides and tournament professionals) to share their story of a lifetime and become fishing legends. Join us on this quest to catch the greatest fishing stories in the world. To start, we will launch a new episode every Monday. We begin with this introductory episode 000 plus the first two full episodes. As our guest list grows, we plan to add additional days of the week.

Be our guest…

If you are an avid angler, we want you to be a guest on the show. To sign up (or to recommend a guest), go to The interview format is super easy – just tell us a little about yourself, and then tell the story of your most epic day of fishing ever. It’s like you were talking to a new friend who had not heard the story yet. That’s it!

Welcome aboard!