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The BEST fishing day of someone's life—to inspire YOURS.™

Below is a general outline of what we talk about during the interview. Note that the epic day you are describing can be one of your own personal fishing trips, or a client trip if you are a guide or outfitter. The interview only takes 15-20 minutes, which is roughly split between Parts I and II below.

Part I - Angler Introduction

  • Where do you live and what is your “day job”?
    • If you are in the fishing business, we can discuss the fishing-related things you do and tell people how they can get in contact with you (this information will be listed on our show notes page as well).
  • How did you get hooked on fishing?
    • How old were you when you got hooked?
    • Who got you hooked?
  • What type of fishing have you done over the years?
  • What type of fishing do you do now, and what species do you fish for (and where)?

 Part II – Your best day of fishing ever!

  • Setting the stage (the 3 W’s):
    • Where (was it)?
    • When (was it, fall/spring/summer/winter)?
    • Weather (what were the conditions)?
  • What happened?
    • Describe the location and scenery.
    • Describe how the day started and walk through the events.
    • Talk about the types of lures/bait/tackle you used.
  • When did it dawn on you that this was no ordinary day of fishing?
  • Conclusion - what was the key to your epic day?