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The BEST fishing day of someone's life—to inspire YOURS.™


Hi, I'm John Woodson, host of The TELL TALE FISHERMAN® podcast, and between episodes a patent attorney (check out my bio here). I noticed a couple of things about fishermen. One is that avid anglers remember the smallest details of an epic fishing adventure, even years after the fact. The power of the water is the passion of the mind! The other thing I noticed is that if you ask an avid angler about fishing, you get an earful! So, I decided to start asking. BUT, not just about any fishing adventure. I ask my guests the ULTIMATE fishing question: "What was your best day of fishing EVER?" The TELL TALE FISHERMAN® podcast is the place for all avid anglers (not just guides and tournament professionals) to share their story of a lifetime and become fishing legends! To hear the full story and learn more about me, go to our PODCASTS page and listen to our introductory Episode 000. Then join me on the show for the most incredible fishing adventure of someone's lifetime!

Epic adventures await ...

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New episodes are released every Monday, and we are looking to add more days of the week as the show grows.

Who knows what incredible catch is coming next?

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